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The NVR security camera systems, compared with traditional DVR counterparts, mark a big step forward in terms of reliability and flexibility.

At Installation Guy, we have partnered with some of the top brands in this industry to provide you the highest quality installation experience. Whether it’s your home or business you will have the assurance of being in the good hands. Click below to began booking an appointment or to learn a few good reasons to install an NVR Surveillance System.

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LOREX, Ubiquiti, SWANN, HIKVISION, REOLINK, GW & Verkada are some of the top quality brands that we setup and service regularly. Of course we service others as well. If you’re looking to add an NVR surveillance system to your home or business and want a free consultation, give us a call at the contact number shown below.

If you have already purchased your NVR or DVR security system and need installation click the yellow button below to begin making an appointment or give us a call for a free phone consultation. You can also click the black button for some frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions | NVR Surveillance Systems

ANSWER: IP cameras capture video footage and transmit it over a network to the NVR, which records and stores the footage onto its hard drive or other storage media. Users can then access the recorded footage remotely via the network.

ANSWER: NVR systems offer several advantages, including high-quality video recording, remote access to footage, scalability (easy to add more cameras), and advanced features like motion detection and video analytics.

ANSWER: NVR systems record video from IP cameras, while DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems record analog video from CCTV cameras. NVR systems typically offer higher resolution and more advanced features compared to DVR systems.

ANSWER: To set up an NVR system, you’ll need IP cameras, a network switch or router, an NVR device, and sufficient storage space (usually a hard drive). You’ll also need network cables to connect the cameras to the NVR and to connect the NVR to the network.

ANSWER: Yes, most NVR systems support remote access, allowing you to view live and recorded footage from anywhere with an internet connection. This is typically done through a mobile app or web browser.

ANSWER: The amount of storage you need depends on factors such as the number of cameras, the resolution and frame rate of the footage, and how long you want to keep recordings. Many NVR systems allow you to add additional storage as needed.

ANSWER: Security is an important consideration for NVR systems. It’s essential to use strong passwords, keep the firmware up to date, and take other security measures to protect against unauthorized access.

ANSWER: Yes, many NVR systems support integration with other devices and systems, such as alarm systems, access control systems, and video management software.

ANSWER: When choosing an NVR system, consider factors such as the number of camera channels supported, recording resolution and frame rate, storage capacity, remote access capabilities, ease of use, and scalability. Additionally, consider the reputation and reliability of the manufacturer or brand.

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