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Our Smart Door Lock Service Include:

Setup Assessment: We’ll review your install scenario including the door lock device and develop the best plan of action while communication every step along the way.

Professional Installation:
Electronic Door Lock installations can sometimes present unexpected challenges. Our experienced technicians are the best in the industry and can handle most installation contingencies.  scenarios with your internet service.

Making Appointment: Installation appointment are made using a step by step Q&A Appointment creation tool to help determine your exact needs. Click the button below to begin making your installation appointment.

Some Benefits Of Installing Smart Door Locks

1. Convenience: Smart door locks allow you to unlock your door without using physical keys, making it convenient especially when your hands are full or when you’re carrying groceries.
2. Keyless Entry: With smart door locks, you can enjoy keyless entry by using methods such as PIN codes, smartphone apps, or even biometric recognition, eliminating the need for traditional keys.
3. Remote Access: You can control your smart door lock remotely from anywhere with an internet connection using your smartphone, providing added convenience and security.
4. Enhanced Security: Smart door locks often come with advanced security features such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and tamper alerts, providing enhanced protection against unauthorized access.
5. Customized Access: You can grant temporary or recurring access to family members, guests, or service providers by creating unique PIN codes or virtual keys, and revoke access at any time.
6. Monitoring and Alerts: Smart door locks keep a log of access activity, allowing you to monitor who enters and exits your home and receive real-time alerts for any unauthorized attempts.
7. Integration with Smart Home Systems: Smart door locks can be integrated with other smart home devices and systems, allowing for seamless automation, scheduling, and centralized control.
8. Increased Home Safety: Smart door locks can enhance home safety by ensuring that doors are always securely locked, even if you forget to do so manually, reducing the risk of break-ins or intrusions.
9. Flexibility: You can customize settings such as auto-locking schedules, access permissions, and notification preferences to suit your lifestyle and security needs.
10. Emergency Access: In case of emergencies, smart door locks with backup options such as physical keys or external power sources ensure that you can still access your home.
11. Visitor Access Management: Smart door locks enable you to remotely grant access to visitors, such as family members or delivery personnel, even when you’re away from home.
12. Energy Efficiency: WiFi-enabled security cameras, alarm systems, and doorbell cameras rely on a stable internet connection to monitor your home remotely, send alerts, and provide live video feeds, enhancing your home security and peace of mind.
13. Peace of Mind: Smart door locks provide peace of mind by offering secure access control, real-time monitoring, and alerts, allowing you to feel confident about the safety of your home and loved ones.
14. Ease of Installation: Many smart door locks are designed for DIY installation, with straightforward instructions and minimal tools required, saving time and hassle.
15. Modern Aesthetic: Smart door locks often feature sleek and modern designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home’s entryway while providing advanced security features.

Overall, having good WiFi Internet service in your home or business enhances connectivity, convenience, entertainment, productivity, and security, enriching your daily life in numerous ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Smart Door Locks

ANSWER: A smart door lock is a device that allows you to lock and unlock your door using wireless technology, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Zigbee, often controlled via a smartphone app.

ANSWER: Smart door locks use electronic mechanisms to control access to a property. They can be operated remotely via a smartphone app, keypad, key fob, or even voice commands.

ANSWER: Smart door locks employ encryption and other security measures to protect against unauthorized access. However, it’s essential to choose reputable brands and follow best security practices.

ANSWER: Some smart door locks connect directly to Wi-Fi, while others require a separate hub or bridge for internet connectivity. However, there are also Bluetooth-only models that don’t require Wi-Fi.

ANSWER: While no system is entirely immune to hacking, reputable smart door locks incorporate security features such as encryption and two-factor authentication to minimize the risk.

ANSWER: Many smart door locks are designed to retrofit existing deadbolts, making installation relatively straightforward without the need for extensive modifications.

ANSWER: Yes, most smart door locks are designed for DIY installation and come with detailed instructions. However, if you’re unsure, professional installation services are also available. You can click the button below to make an installation appointment or just give us a call.

ANSWER: Yes, most smart door locks are battery-operated. Depending on usage and battery type, batteries may need to be replaced every few months to a year.

ANSWER: Many smart door locks have backup options, such as a physical key or an external power source, to ensure you can still access your property if the batteries die.

ANSWER: Yes, many smart door locks are compatible with popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, allowing for seamless integration and automation.

ANSWER: Yes, most smart door locks allow you to grant access to multiple users by providing them with unique PIN codes, virtual keys, or access permissions via the app.

ANSWER: Smart door locks designed for outdoor use are typically weatherproof and built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

ANSWER: Yes, smart door locks with Wi-Fi connectivity can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app, allowing you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere with an internet connection.

ANSWER: Some smart door lock manufacturers offer companion apps for smartwatches, allowing you to control your lock directly from your wrist.

ANSWER: Yes, many smart door locks offer scheduling and automation features, allowing you to set specific times for automatic locking or unlocking based on your preferences.

ANSWER: Yes, most smart door locks maintain a log of access activity, including details such as who locked or unlocked the door and when, providing an audit trail for security purposes.

ANSWER: Smart door locks with Bluetooth connectivity can be controlled locally within Bluetooth range without internet access. However, remote control typically requires internet connectivity.

ANSWER: Yes, many smart door locks can be integrated with broader smart home security systems, allowing for centralized control and monitoring of all connected devices.

ANSWER: Yes, many smart door locks are compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri, allowing you to lock or unlock your door using voice commands.

ANSWER: The lifespan of a smart door lock varies depending on factors such as usage, build quality, and battery life. Generally, well-maintained smart locks can last for several years.

ANSWER: Awesome choice. The first thing you’ll want to do is select a Smart Door lock device and purchase it. If you feel you need help through that process, feel free to reach out to our office at the contact info below or Click Here. Next you can setup an appointment with one of our technicians by Clicking Here, and we will handle the rest.

ANSWER: There are several benefits that you’ll immediately enjoy. Keyless entry, means no more worrying about yourself or anyone else needing physical keys to get in. Most smart door lock units provide the ability to create multiple access codes that you can assign to different users. Remote unlock means that you have the ability to unlock your door from anywhere that you have internet access with your smartphone. Also logging event history allows you to know the exact times and dates that access events occur. Feel free to contact us with questions that you may have about purchasing a smart door lock device or having one installed by Clicking here.

ANSWER: If you don’t already have an existing door lock in place, it means that the openings needed to complete the install of the smart lock will need to be drilled into your door. Though this is not common, it will mean added cost and that information can be provided by the technician. Click Here to make an appointment to have your Smart Door Lock installed.

ANSWER: No, you don’t. However, if wireless internet is needed, we have found that wireless speeds of at least 50 to 60 Mbps are acceptable. But, of course more is always better.

ANSWER: Of course, the question of price will vary greatly with different marketplace factors. 

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