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Our TV Mounting Services Include:

Free Assessment: We start by asking the necessary questions to understanding your needs and conducting a thorough assessment of your mounting project. This helps us to determine the best placement for your TV and to identify any potential challenges.

Professional Installation: Our experienced technicians handle the entire installation process with precision and care. From securely mounting your TV to concealing cables and wires (if applicable), we ensure a neat and polished finish

Interested in Cutting Cable?

Let us show you how get rid of expensive Cable TV and other subscriptions services and still get local and premium programs.

Join the millions who are saying goodbye to expensive cable TV and costly streaming subscriptions services. Our Installation Guy technicians or representatives will be happy to discuss options for getting rid of those services and keeping a full lineup of high quality programs for the entire family. Give us a call, or ask one of our install technicians on your next appointment.

Want To Hide Your Wires?

We Offer Two Types Of Cable Management:

In Wall Wire Concealment This type of wire concealment is done by making entry into the wall and channeling the A/V and electrical cabling behind the wall. To do this we use various types of A/V management systems and the installation of additional electrical outlet to power your audio/video devices. This type of wire concealment is highly recommended.

Exterior PVC Cable Channels: Our The cable management method is is implemented with PVC adhesive cable management channels. They are attached to the wall and cables are ran thru the PVC channels. You will be asked about cable management choices during your appointment booking steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Smart TV Mounting

ANSWER: Yes we can. You will be asked that question when setting up your appointment. Make sure you indicate that a TV needs to be removed and our technician will unmount the existing (fees apply).

ANSWER: Most customers supply their own TV mounting hardware. However, you’ll will be asked this question during the appointment setup. If you want us to supply the tv mount, simply indicate which mount you would like and our tech will bring it to the appointment. TV mounts generally come with the hardware you will need for the wall mount installation. You’ll find the bolts and drywall anchors in the wall mount package. If you’d like to mount your TV on plaster or masonry, you will need to get some heavier duty hardware. Another bit of good news is that all TVs use a standard mounting pattern making most TVs and most wall mounts compatible. When you shop for TV wall mounts, they will be sorted according to what size TV they can support, and how much weight they can hold. Make sure that any TV wall mount you choose can support the weight of your TV, this is extremely important. Even TVs that are the same size can vary in weight. So, be sure to check the weight of your new TV against the weight that the wall mount can hold.

ANSWER: Most new flat screen TVs are designed to display using a wall mount. Wall mounts for TVs offer various advantages, but also can come with some disadvantages. A TV stand may make more sense in some situations, but TV stands also carry some downsides. TV stands are easier to install than wall mounts. If you do not relish the idea of drilling holes in your wall, or if you are uncomfortable around a DIY project, you may choose a TV stand. A TV stand gives you access to all the cables and wires. Stand is easy to move around. If you choose a TV stand with drawers or shelves, the stand doubles as a storage area. On the other hand, if you have small children, a TV stand could be easily knocked over, posing a hazard. If you mount the TV on the wall, the TV will take up less space than if you were to use a TV stand. A wall mounted TV achieves a clean, modern look. However, installing a wall mounted TV requires some drilling. If you choose to wall mount the TV it may make sense to get a pro to help you with the installation.

ANSWER: If you want to hang a TV in your living room you can use a wall mount, a stand, or even hang the TV from the ceiling on mounted brackets. There are no set rules as to where to hang your TV. But there are some helpful tips you might want to follow. First of all, viewers probably do not want to have to look up at the TV. This can cause neck and eye strain. It makes sense to mount or display the TV at about eye level. If you have a fireplace, it may be tempting to put the TV wall mount above it. However, this might be too high for the viewers, Also, if you use the fireplace the soot could affect the TV’s ability to function. If you want to place your wall mounted TV in a way that diminishes its importance, you can place it off center, or install a gallery wall around it. Generally speaking, the two factors that affect where you hang your wall mount are height and distance. Viewers should not have to strain to look up at a TV set, they also should not have to strain to make out the details on the screen. Keep a balance of viewing comfort and design sense in mind when you decide where to hang your wall mounted TV in your living room.

ANSWER: If you want to mount your new flat screen TV on the drywall in your living room, you are in luck. Most TV wall mounts are compatible with drywall. Mounting a TV on the wall can create a sleek, modern look. A properly installed wall mounted TV offers a theater-like experience in your own home. The key is to get the TV mounted on the wall safely so it will not fall. First, find a wall mount that works with your TV. You’ll want to be sure it can support the size and especially the weight of the television. Then, locate the studs in your drywall. If your drywall does have studs, you can screw the mount right into them. If your drywall does not have studs, you’ll need to use toggle bolts. If you have any questions about how to install the TV mount on drywall, it may make sense to consult a contractor or handyman. The TV must be correctly mounted on the wall to avoid costly headaches down the line.

ANSWER: A wall mounted TV can offer a clean, sophisticated look. A wall mount gets the TV up off the floor for easy viewing. Wall mounted TVs can be hung at the best viewing distance to reduce eye and neck strain. However, TVs come with all sorts of cables and wires. Most people will want to hide the wires that are connected to the wall mounted TV when it’s installed. It’s best to run the cables and wires inside the wall when you install your wall mount. Running wires inside the walls may be achievable if you are handy and have access to the necessary tools. If feel this is outside your collection of DIY skills, you can leave it to the Installation Guy. We’ll be happy to tackle this project for you. Start by clicking the button to begin making your install appointment.

ANSWER: Generally speaking, No. If you want to mount a TV safely and effectively you will probably need to locate wall studs and drill holes in the drywall or plasterboard. If you do not want to drill, or do not have the DIY skills and patience that drilling requires, there are some alternatives to wall mounting the TV. If you do not have young children who might topple a TV set, you can place the TV on a stand. There are freestanding stands on the market which can be moved around from room to room and even placed into a closet for storage. The stands take up more floor space than if you were to wall mount your TV. Alternatively, you can opt for adding an entertainment center to your living room. If you choose one that offers shelves or drawers in addition to a place to display your TV, it will double as handy additional storage. Also, you can leave it to Installation Guy. Our technician will be happy to come out and mount your TV safely and effectively. Click the button below to begin making your installation appointment.

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