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New Phone Setup: We can add new phones or hand sets to any home or small business phone system, or even plain old traditional analog service. If you need to add another phone to accommodate your home or business needs, give us a call or schedule an appointment today..

Phone Repairs: Many things can go wrong with the landline phone service and they are not always easy to fix. No dial tone, static noise on the line, power surges, no incoming call ability just to name a few problems. We can help give us a call or click below.

Add New Line: And then there’s the wiring issue which is not covered by phone service providers. So adding a new phone line to a some unwired part of your home is your responsibility. But, once again, we can help. We can install that phone line with new wall jack and whatever else is needed. Make your appointment by clicking the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Landline Phone Service

ANSWER: Yes, our ability to perform service and repairs is not limited to any service provider. So, It won’t matter who you are getting your phone service from, we can help you with almost any issue you’re having.

ANSWER: Well, the analog or traditional phones are the phones which work by converting the voice signals into electronic waves of varying frequency and amplitude which the telephone exchange receives and direct it at the receiving end. This phone system uses CSN (Circuit switching Network) in which analog signals travel through cables to provide point to point connectivity and establish communication. VOIP or (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems work by breaking the voice signals received in small data packets which are transmitted over the internet. VoIP uses PSN (Packet Switching Network) technology where packets are marked and transmitted in a sequential manner so that the original voice signal can be generated at the receiving end


Instead of copper wire or internet-based phone service, Community Phone provides landline phone service in Georgia through your local cell towers. In Georgia, there are 554 cell towers located throughout the state. Community Phone will connect your landline phone to the cell tower with the strongest connection. Overall, Georgia has an average of 87.07% coverage across the four main carriers. According to, Verizon has strong coverage in Georgia with 93.20%, while T-Mobile covers 90.90%. Approximately 19,227.54 square miles of Georgia have access to cell coverage, meaning Community Phone service will work almost anywhere in the state. Georgia is the 20th state for cell reception ahead of Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Oklahoma, but behind New York.

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